10 Factors That Improve Brain Health

Let us describe a little about Brain before we go to the main topic… The brain is a complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body. Together, the brain and spinal cord that extends from it make up the central nervous system. As our brain is linked up with lots of nerves which connects and provides sense to every inch of the body it is the most vital organ that needs to be monitored at every now and then. The brain is the most complex part of the human body. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement, and controller of behaviour.

As per Janavaidya I would recommend people to take care of all these precautions that undergoes through every individual at a certain point of time

The 10 factors that help and improve Brain Health:

1)      Meditation:

           A very base factor that helps and improves mental health. Daily meditation is perhaps the single greatest thing you can do for your mind/body health. Meditation not only relaxes you, it gives your brain a workout. By creating a different mental state, you engage your brain in new and interesting ways while increasing your brain fitness. IT helps you in immaculate ways to go speed and prevents from tiredness or any health issues.

2) Eat healthy:

                   Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats. Focus on fish oils from wild salmon, nuts such as walnuts, seeds such as flax seed and olive oil. Eat more of these foods and less saturated fats. Eliminate trans-fats completely from your diet.

3)  Drink More:

                      For decades, we have heard the reminder that drinking 8 cups of water per day is important to our overall health, including cognitive functioning. However, most of us do not drink eight glasses a day, and many of us are chronically dehydrated. By boosting our water consumption, we can help flush various toxins out of our bodies. This lifestyle change will boost both our physical health and brain health.

4) Break up with cup:

                      Raise your hand if you’re a coffee lover! It’s no surprise that many of us are addicted to our morning cup of coffee. Some of us could not imagine starting the day without a jolt of caffeine in our system. However, many doctors believe that this is not the healthiest start to the day. Instead, they think that switching out coffee for tea can lead to much better cognitive functioning. As a benefit, the variety of teas available on the market which suits your taste buds.

5) Work Out:

                     Doing something can be better than doing nothing; however, doing too much can become risky for seniors. Walking and swimming are both excellent exercises and much gentler on older joints and muscles. Start a new exercise schedule ASAP.

6) See Health:

                      Eat heavily early and lighter later. Bigger meals should be eaten for breakfast and/or lunch, rather than dinner. Human bodies become more insulin resistant later in the day and larger meals take longer to digest as well.

7)  Get ‘C’:

                   Vitamin C can be found in your local drug or health food store (often in chewable tablet form). While these supplements can help, try not to rely on these as a complete substitute for fresh fruits or vegetables. Like citrus family might help you out on a plentifullness of Vitamin ‘C’.

8) No TV:

              We are all eager to relax ourselves at the end of a stressful day. Most Often, the priority for a relaxing evening is to switch on the television. Instead of choosing this non-workout activity, it can be beneficial to pick up a book instead. If you are not a big reader, another option is to do a crossword puzzle.

9) Be a KID:

         A best and stress relieving activity that people might not opt for. Spend some spacious and relaxing time with children. Kids are the most energized beings on the earth. They teach us pretty many things to learn, solve and understand. Stay with kids and be a kid.

10) Be “ON” & NUTS:

                     Nuts the most efficient fruit for brain health. Eating more nuts and seeds may be good for the brain, as these foods contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Of course, nuts are high in calories. Many worry that the proven health benefits of eating nuts will be outweighed by the increase in caloric intake and potential weight gain. Interestingly, studies have shown that people who regularly eat nuts actually weigh less than their nut-free counterparts.


All these were regarding brain health that helps us to stay fit and active at every corner of the edge which clearly states mental positions that makes us foggy, drowsy, grumpy and what not. Janavaidya offers you home treatment including medical tips that can be helpful to the people in case if they’re not in a position to move and visit doctors in person. So, we hence forth provide home-treatment and a doctor’s home-visit in requisition to the condition.

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