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Medical care: One of the most crucial and much needed factors in current situations. Being healthy
for one’s self is nothing but caring for many others around you. Home care is an essential factor which
helps us to get rid of many minor diseases like cough, cold etc. Basic home remedies help to stay healthy
and active.
Medical Care and online doctor consultations:
It is predominant to stay fit and healthy in a prevalent crisis currently to eradicate the wide spread of
pandemic we are facing right now. The situation depicts and warns us to go mask free if everybody are
together in fighting with the pandemic.
Home Medical Care involves doctors visiting the elderly in their residences to provide medical services.
This includes conducting minor medical procedures, comprehensive care assessments and providing
long-term management of chronic conditions.
Online doctor consultations:
Online consultation has become a widespread these days. Pandemic have turned lots of families upside
down and hence people aren’t ready to physically enter hospital premises. People often opt for
telephonic sessions of consultation rather than being physically. So doctors chose their path of going on
home visits.
Henceforth we dedicate this doctor at home service aptly for you. We JANAVAIDYA Team have made up
a new strategy of giving consultation at home for the needy. We have services like Doctor Home visit,
Medical Procedures which include dressing, urinary catheterization etc. Investigation of the disease,
Home nursing etc.
Some basic benefits & misconceptions:
➔ Endurance of pandemic: – Endurance basically depicts about the situation we understand with lots
of patience and also undergoing normalized treatment understanding the situations of pandemic
with home doctor’s visit.
➔ Time Conservancy: – Time plays a major role in-case of everybody’s life. Coping up with the
situations in this pandemic doctor’s home visit plays a major role in time conservancy.
➔ Safe check up with no travel: – It is a hustle free check-up with no need of travelling to long
distances to your family doctor just to get your tests get done.
➔ No waiting at hospital halls:-Waiting at hospital halls is one of the major causes of infections to
arouse in humans. So in this home-doctor treatment there is no WAITING staring at hospital walls.
➔ Expert consultancy: – We here provide you utmost care and quality treatment with expert doctors
and technicians.
Misconceptions (or) Cons:
➔ Lack of physical consultation: – There will be no proper physical consultation to identify the exact
and particular cause of the disease by determining and screening of the disease.
➔ Fake doctors: – There might be a chance that you might get caught with fake doctors who aren’t
certified with medical license.
➔ Invalid prescription: You might get caught of a fake or invalid prescription which may be beneficial
to fraudsters.

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